Our Network

The Internet Data Center contains a robust, reliable, and high quality network. It operates on a SONET ring, diverse redundant fiber-optic network connections with a capacity capable of OC192 (10 Gigabits/sec.) connected by the latest switching and high-speed routing equipment.

LaunchNet is committed to using only quality bandwidth and equipment while ensuring its network is never over saturated providing you with redundant content delivery and retrieval services through the fastest most efficient routes available at all times.

Network Infrastructure

Network infrastructure is housed in carrier class network operation centers, meeting NEBS compliance standards

Redundant, high speed multi-gigabit connections, over diverse fiber feeds, provides fault tolerance and ensures robust data transfers.

1. First Tier, Network hybrid firewall with multilayer intrusion detection, ensures optimal security.

2. Network framework is based on high powered routers and multilayer gigabit switching technology.

3. Redundant content distribution devices, coupled with proprietary integration technology, colectively forms the LaunchNet solution.

4. LaunchNet's proprietary innovation maintains a redundant hybrid UNIX and Windows web hosting clustered server platform.

5. A redundant mail architecture, includes the segmentation and isolation of MTA, MDA, and MUA offerings.

6. Redundant database clusters, support all majore database flavors, which transparently integrates into the total solution.

7. Backup solutions incorporate both conventional tape archives, as well as secure offsite storage.

8. Clustered NAS (Network Attached Storage) arrays ensure reliability and 100% data integrity.

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