Basic Web Hosting
Just starting out in the business world? Want to get your business online with an affordable hosting plan at a reasonable per month cost?

Look no further. LaunchNet offers a low cost hosting and email plan designed and tailored specifically with your personal or small business needs in mind.

  + Basic Features
+ FTP Access
+ Site Building Extras
+ Satisfaction Guaranteed!
No set-up fee

plus your domain name

Basic Features:
  Disk Space Limit: 152MB
This is the disk storage space allotted to your account. You can upload files of up to this amount of total space to your account.
  Data Transfer Limit: 16GB
You can serve up to this amount of data from your account each month. For example, if you have a Web page that is 200K in file size, and that page is viewed 4 times during a month; that will count as 800K of data transfer.
  Email Accounts: 30
You have 30 Mail boxes aloted to your account. Each mailbox has 100mb of storage. Supports POP, SMTP, Webmail
  Maximum Number of Pages: Unlimited
When using the included Web design software, EasySiteWizard™, there is a limit on the number of pages available in your site. If you use the file manager or FTP functions to host a site that you had built elsewhere, then there is no limit to the number of pages available in your site.
Hosted on Unix platforms
  24/7 Phone Support
If you ever have questions about your hosting account, you can call one of our hosting experts for assistance. They'll be happy to help you set up and work through any technical issues you might encounter.
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FTP Access
  FTP Support
This account supports File Transfer Protocol (FTP). FTP is used to move files to your hosting account from another computer. This account also has a built-in FTP client instead of requiring you to find and download your own FTP client, but outside FTP clients are supported if you choose to use one.
  Built-in FTP Client
No need to locate, purchase and download an FTP client to allow you to get your files up on your hosting account. Instead you can use the built-in FTP client that is easily accessible from the hosting account's main control panel.
  File Manager
The file manager function allows you to take full control of your Web site's files. It is a safe alternative to full shell access for sophisticated users. You can copy, move, delete, rename and edit files, create and remove directories, change file permissions and upload files from your local computer to the server. File manager is best used to manipulate files that have been previously uploaded to your Web site. To upload more than one file at a time, an FTP client is generally more efficient.
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Site Building Extras
  Web Design Software
Point-and-click site-building software that allows users with absolutely no programming skill to create a professional-looking Web site. Using this tool to create and update your Web site saves money and time.
EasySiteWizard Template Gallery
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Satisfaction Guaranteed!
  30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
If in the first 30 days you are not fully satisfied with your account, cancel it and receive a full refund.
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No set-up fee

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