Fast, Secure Multisite Connectivity with LaunchNet MPLS VPNs

SMBs and distributed enterprises need to interconnect securely and privately between locations. LaunchNet MPLS VPNs connect multiple sites using fast, reliable, and intelligent WAN connections. With LaunchNet managed MPLS VPNs, LaunchNet can provide your business with a scalable, cost-effective solution for secure, private WAN connectivity.

MPLS NETWORK LaunchNetís national IP network based on multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) technology offers secure and fast connectivity nationwide. With LaunchNet MPLS VPNs, businesses can connect multiple sites across the nation, keeping their WAN traffic secure and protected within the LaunchNet network, without traversing the public Internet.

MAXIMUM ACCESS LaunchNet MPLS VPN services are available on a wide range of LaunchNet access servicesódedicated ADSL, SDSL, Ethernet over DS1, T1, Bonded T1, and DS3óso your business can mix and match broadband access by location to create the most efficient solution.

BUILT FOR BUSINESS LaunchNet offers both site-to-site and multisite MPLS VPN services. Depending on your businessís needs, set up the service as a VPN-only connection or as a VPN with dedicated Internet access (DIA) by ordering VPN and DIA as two separate services. The LaunchNet sales team helps you define the best configuration for your business.

Configuration Overview VPN and Dedicated Internet Access services per site. Multiple VPN connections sharing one Internet connection.
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