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New Customer FAQs

For Brand-new Customers: What to Expect After You've Placed Your Order

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General Internet Installation Information

How soon can LaunchNet install my Internet service?
LaunchNet will install your service as expeditiously as possible, usually within 2 - 3 weeks, but can take up to 30 calendar days from the day you accept the service contract.

What possible delays could occur?
LaunchNet prides itself on fast and seamless service installation. However, unforeseen circumstances such as problems with phone company facilities or access issues could delay the installation of your data line.

What if my phone company requires "special construction" for my installation?
Under some circumstances, your local phone company may need to install additional equipment before your data line can be delivered to your location. Special construction can delay your order past the LaunchNet 30 day installation target. There may also be charges that apply depending on the type of construction that is needed. LaunchNet will notify you if special construction is required.

How do I check on the status of my order?
You may check the status of your order at any time by following these simple steps:

  1. Go to DSL Order Status and log in with your Covad Order number and DSL telephone number. If this is a dedicated line and you do not have a DSL phone number attached, please enter 000-000-0000 for the password.

You can also reach LaunchNet Customer Care any time by calling 888-528-6242 and selecting option 2. If your order is delayed, LaunchNet will contact you through email or telephone to provide the reason for the delay.

Why are there two installation dates?
During your first scheduled installation date, the phone company technician will install the data line needed for your Internet service. Once LaunchNet confirms that the phone company has installed the data line, we will schedule an installation appointment, during which a Covad technician connects the data line to the Covad-supplied customer premises equipment (CPE). 

What Happens on the Scheduled Installation Days

What should I expect from the phone company technician?
If necessary, a local phone company technician will come out first to install the data line (sometimes also referred to as a circuit) for your service. We will notify you by email of the date and time prior to the appointment. The phone company technician will need access to your DMARC (the location where your phone line terminates) between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. local time. Please make arrangements with building management for access on this day, if necessary. Someone at least 18 years old or older must be available to provide access for the technician. Please note that some typical examples of DMARC locations are places such as a phone box outside or phone room inside your building. If you are unsure where the DMARC is located, please check with your building management prior to the installation date.

What should I expect from the Covad technician?
On your second scheduled installation date, a Covad technician will arrive to install the router (also referred to as CPE) and connect it to the Covad network. You will receive an email from Covad confirming the date and time prior to the appointment. Please remember that someone at least 18 years old or older must be available to provide access for the technician. The Covad technician will need access to the DMARC (the location where your phone line terminates) between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. local time.

What if either the phone company installation or Covad installation date is not convenient for my schedule? You can reschedule the installation dates by contacting LaunchNet Customer Care at 888-642-6823 and selecting option 2. You must reschedule at least 48 hours before the scheduled appointment. You can choose a morning or afternoon appointment to accommodate your schedule. We would rather accommodate your availability than to have you miss the appointment and incur a missed appointment charge. 


Equipment: Router/CPE Kit Shipment

When and how will I receive my router/CPE?
Covad will ship the required customer premises equipment (CPE) using UPS Ground service after LaunchNet has confirmed that the data line the phone company installs meets Covad's standards. You can expect the router to arrive one or two days before the Covad installation date. Once you receive your router, store it in a secure place for the Covad technician to install.

What if my CPE has other capabilities besides Internet access?
The CPE you will receive may have other capabilities. Please be aware that LaunchNet technical support will only support the Internet access connection between the CPE and the Covad network.

What if the CPE is defective?
If the Covad-provided CPE is defective and under warranty, LaunchNet will replace it free of charge within the first year. However, if the CPE fails after that first year, LaunchNet will charge you for the necessary replacement equipment at Covad's then-current rates. 

Customer Location and Contact Information

What if I receive an email stating my address as incorrect or incomplete?
Accurate address information is vital to the success of your order. Both LaunchNet and the phone company must know if you have a suite number, floor number or building number. Please also let us know if your complex has multiple buildings with the same address. If the address is on a campus, in a business park or on a military base, please provide the name on the order.

How can I avoid a "No Access" issue with the phone company or Covad service technician?
To prevent any access issues during your installation, please provide the best daytime phone number for the phone company technician or Covad technician to reach you during the installation. If possible, also provide an alternative telephone number, such as a mobile phone number.

How can I avoid delays with my order?
If your location is currently under construction or a being remodeled, this can delay installation of the services. Try to verify that the wiring between your suite and the telephone room has been completed.

Service Expectations

Can I use the data line for something other than simple Internet access?
LaunchNet technical support will only support the Internet access from the CPE to the network. We do not support internal VPN connections, third party VoIP, wireless applications or other applications.

If there is a problem with the data line, what kind of recovery time can I expect?
LaunchNet will try to resolve the problem as quickly as possible. Target recovery times depend on the specific service that you order. There is a 24-hour recovery time target for business orders, an 8-hour recovery time target for NEN TI orders and a four-hour recovery time target for T1 lines.

What service should I choose if speed, stability and prompt recovery time are absolutely mandatory for my service?
Our Business T1 services will provide you with optimal speed, stability and prompt recovery time backed by industry-leading service level agreements (SLAs).

What if the speed that I ordered is at the limit at the time of the Covad installation?
If you qualify for services other than T1 and are at the very limit of the qualifying loop length for that speed, we will make our best efforts to have the service run at those speeds and remain stable. A downgrade to a lower speed may be necessary at the time the Covad technician is installing the service. Should the technician find speed issues after the installation, LaunchNet technical support will be more than happy to assist and may also recommend a downgrade of service.

Does LaunchNet guarantee a particular speed for its products and services?
LaunchNet does not guarantee specific speeds on our products and services since there are so many factors that can affect bandwidth speed, including: equipment, physical loop quality and characteristics, Covad network, and Internet traffic. This is why Covad provides bandwidth information for its services in terms of "speeds up to [maximum speed]", where [maximum speed] is the highest possible bandwidth for a given service.

Does LaunchNet guarantee ping-times/response time?
For certain of our services, LaunchNet provides SLAs for ping-times to our DNS servers on the same POP and/or Covad IP POP in a different IP region. LaunchNet does not provide SLAs or test ping-times to websites.

How do I receive SLA service credits?
To receive your SLA service credits, simply contact LaunchNet billing at 888-528-6242 and select option 3. LaunchNet will submit your request and, if verified, you can expect to receive your SLA service credits on your next monthly invoice.


What does the term "firm order commit" mean?
"Firm order commit"Ñsometimes also referred to by the acronym "FOC"Ñis the date your local phone company will deliver the data line for your service.

What does the term "ILEC" mean?
"ILEC" is the acronym for "Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier", which is just the technical term for your local phone company.

I've heard the terms "MPOE" and "DMARC" used in the context of access to my location. What do they mean?
"MPOE" stands for "Minimum Point of Entry". "DMARC", or demarcation, is the point where your phone line terminates. The MPOE or DMARC is typically, although not always, a location such as a phone box outside or phone room inside.

What is the difference between regular inside wiring and "extensive" inside wiring?
Extensive inside wiring, also sometimes referred to by the term "Extensive IW" is work beyond what the Covad technician is required to do or able to complete within 30 minutes. If the Covad technician determines that extensive inside wiring is required, and LaunchNet agrees to do the inside wiring, LaunchNet will schedule such extensive wiring as close as possible to the installation services date, and Covad will charge the customer additional fees for the extensive inside wiring work. Depending on the extent of inside wiring required, Covad may not be able to complete the inside wiring, in which case the customer will be informed by LaunchNet once determined. The customer will then be responsible for completing the extensive inside wiring or contracting a third party for such services.

What do "POC" and "FST" mean?
When talking to LaunchNet Customer Care, you might hear the terms "POC" and "FST" mentioned. They mean, respectively, "Point of Contact" and "Field Service Technician".

What does "Third Party" mean?
LaunchNet defines a "third party" as any wiring contractor who performs inside wiring that cannot be completed by a Covad technician. Your local phone company or any telecom company can be contacted to perform the wiring.

What does the term "LCON" mean?
"LCON" stands for "Local Contact", which is the name and phone number of the person at your company's location that the phone company or Covad can contact for access.

What does it mean when there is "No Access" to my location?
"No Access" means that the phone company or Covad technician was unable to get into the MPOE/DMARC to deliver or install your data line. This could mean a locked box, locked phone room, gated community, no answer from the local contact at your company's location, Managed Wiring, etc.

What does the term "Managed Wire" refer to?
"Managed Wire" refers to a situation in which the building, not you, owns the wiring and has to grant permission and access for the phone company or Covad technician to perform any work.

What does "SUPP ADDRESS" mean?
"SUPP ADDRESS" stands for "supplemental address information" that is needed such as suite, floor or building numbers.


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